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How rich and famous people influence Wikipedia

There were two prominent stories this week about how rich and famous people tried to influence Wikipedia's coverage, and depending on your point of view, got their way. I think the coverage of both stories missed the mark so I'd like to dive into them a bit deeper.

But first …

The best way to support Wikipedia is with your time

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that hosts and provides other support for Wikipedia and its sibling projects, has been under fire recently for the messaging it uses in the infamous donation banners and the disconnect with how that funding is used. These criticisms are not particularly new, but the tension …

Kiwix in Debian, 2022 update

Previous updates: 2018, 2021

Kiwix is an offline content reader, best known for distributing copies of Wikipedia. I have been maintaining it in Debian since 2017.

This year most of the work has been keeping all the packages up to date in anticipation of next year's Debian 12 Bookworm release …