Posts categorized under: Tech registration now open is now open for hosting free software projects, providing git hosting, issue trackers, and basic wiki functionality. It runs the free software Gogs: "a painless self-hosted Git service".

You're welcome to host any freely licensed projects on

I've been running for …

My back to school free software toolkit

The 2018 spring semester started last Wednesday. I think I've set up a pretty good free software toolkit for a successful year:

  • Operating system: Fedora - latest software with stable releases
  • Browser: Firefox - what else? :-) Note that our school and most California universities and colleges have adopted the AGPL licensed Canvas …

Updates to

Over the weekend I migrated and associated services over to a new server. It's powered by Debian Jessie instead of the slowly aging Ubuntu Trusty. Most services were migrated with no downtime by rsync'ing content over and the updating DNS. Only had some downtime due … - Day 2

Day 2! I hopped around quite a bit, so I'll just talk about the talks I particuarly enjoyed. First was a talk about site reliability at Pinterest. The main things I thought that were interesting was how they have also created their own deployment tool, and that they've made it … - Day 1

Today was day 1 of the conference in Geelong. The first two days are organized as "MiniConfs", where rooms have a general topic and presentations are scheduled by the MiniConf organizer instead of the LCA programme committee. In the morning I primarily attended the documentation/technical writing …