2022 goals, revisited


I set some goals for myself at the beginning of the year.

Here's how it went:

  • Move out of my parents' house.
    ✔️ I live in New York City now. This was definitely my biggest goal and accomplishment of the year.
  • Contribute something meaningful to SecureDrop.
    ✔️ I think so. I need to writeup some of the stuff I worked on in the past year.
  • Contribute something meaningful to MediaWiki.
    ✔️ Slightly more mixed because I contributed a lot less this year than in the past, but I still consider myself having contributed in a meaningful way.
  • Not get COVID.
    ❌ Got it in June :(
  • Continue contributing to Mailman.
    ❌ Didn't really find the motivation this year. I'm hoping to spend more time on this in 2023, Wikimedia's Mailman install is showing that it needs more love.
  • Continue working on mwbot-rs, while having fun and learning more Rust.
    ✔️ I posted updates on the News page.
  • Get more stickers (lack of in-person meetups has really been hurting my sticker collecting).
    ✔️ Definitely. New stickers include FIRE, California poppies, Pacific Northwest, Qubes, HOPE 2022, Pinnacles National Park, a corgi, and very nice yellow and blue bird that says, "There is more power in peace than in violence".
  • Port the rest of my wiki bots to Rust.
    ❌ Still running in good old PHP. I don't really think this is worth it anymore, people are too used to the current bugs that introducing a different set of bugs would be more disruptive than helpful.
  • Make progress on moving wiki.debian.org to MediaWiki.
    ❌ No real progress :(
  • Write at least one piece of recognized content (DYK/GA/FA) for Wikipedia.
    ✔️ I racked up 4 DYKs this year, List of United States Supreme Court leaks (May 2022), Eleanor Bellows Pillsbury (June 2022), 2022 University of California academic workers' strike (Dec. 2022), and Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (Dec. 2022). Hitting the DYK threshold feels pretty straightforward now that I should probably aim for a GA!
  • Travel outside the US (COVID-permitting).
    ❌ I probably had the opportunity, but just didn't feel comfortable because of COVID. Planning at least two international trips in 2023!
  • Finish in the top half of our Fantasy Football league and Pick 'em pool. I did pretty well in 2020 and really regressed in 2021.
    ❓ Too early to say. Currently doing well in the Pick 'em pool, but not in Fantasy.
  • Keep track of TV show reviews/ratings. I've been pretty good about tracking movies I watch, but don't yet do the same for TV.
    ❌ Started, but didn't finish.

Publicly publishing a list of goals was nice, every few months I'd re-read the post to see if I was on track or not. But I don't intend to publish my 2023 goals, I expect they'll be more personal than these were.