2022 goals


New year, new job, new goals. In no specific order:

  • Move out of my parents' house.
  • Contribute something meaningful to SecureDrop.
  • Contribute something meaningful to MediaWiki.
  • Not get COVID.
  • Continue contributing to Mailman.
  • Continue working on mwbot-rs, while having fun and learning more Rust.
  • Get more stickers (lack of in-person meetups has really been hurting my sticker collecting).
  • Port the rest of my wiki bots to Rust.
  • Make progress on moving wiki.debian.org to MediaWiki.
  • Write at least one piece of recognized content (DYK/GA/FA) for Wikipedia.
  • Travel outside the US (COVID-permitting).
  • Finish in the top half of our Fantasy Football league and Pick 'em pool. I did pretty well in 2020 and really regressed in 2021.
  • Keep track of TV show reviews/ratings. I've been pretty good about tracking movies I watch, but don't yet do the same for TV.

I'm hoping that 2022 will be better than the previous two years, the bar is really, really low.