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New tool: Wikimedia APT browser

I've created a new tool to make it easier for humans to browse Wikimedia's APT repository: Wikimedia's servers run Debian (Ubuntu is nearly phased out), and for the most part use the standard packages that Debian provides. But in some cases we use software ...

MassMessage hits 1,000 commits

The MassMessage MediaWiki extension hit 1,000 commits today, following an update of the localization messages for the Russian language. MassMessage replaced a Toolserver bot that allowed sending a message to all Wikimedia wikis, by integrating it into MediaWiki and using the job queue. We also added some nice features ...

Requiring HTTPS for my Toolforge tools

My Toolforge (formerly "Tool Labs") tools will now start requiring HTTPS, and redirecting any HTTP traffic. It's a little bit of common code for each tool, so I put it in a shared "toolforge" library.

from flask import Flask
import toolforge

app = Flask(__name__)

And ...