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The importance of Artemis Fowl

My bookshelf

Artemis Fowl, sitting right of center on my "favorite books" shelf.

Nearly two decades later, the Artemis Fowl movie is finally happening. It's hard for me to overstate how important Artemis Fowl has been to me. One of my friends asked me if I saw the trailer today and I …

Improving quality and maintenance of election result boxes on Wikipedia

I've spent a decent amount of time reading Wikipedia articles about Senate, House, and state races this week. And...there were inconsistencies. Specifically in the election box result templates:

Before I updated the article

That's what it looked like before I updated the article to use my template instead. There are a few different issues …

Goodbye PHPStorm, hello Atom

I've been using the JetBrains IDE PHPStorm ever since I really got started in MediaWiki development in 2013. Its symbol analysis and autocomplete is fantastic, and the built-in inspections generally caught most coding issues while you were still writing the code.

But, it's also non-free software, which has always made …