#wikimedia-rust Matrix to IRC bridge is back


tl;dr: You can now chat in #wikimedia-rust:matrix.org and reach folks on IRC

Nearly a year ago, the official Libera.Chat <-> Matrix bridge was shut down. There's a lot that went wrong in the technical and social operation of the bridge that the Libera.Chat staff have helpfully documented, but from a community management perspective the bridge, when it worked, was fantastic.

But, we now have a bridge back in place! Bridgebot is a deployment of matterbridge, which is primarily used in Wikimedia spaces for bridging IRC and Telegram, but it also speaks Matrix reasonably well.

Thanks to Bryan Davis for starting/maintaining the bridgebot project and Lucas Werkmeister for deploying the change; we now have a bot that relays comments between IRC and Matrix.

12:12:50 <wm-bb> [matrix] <legoktm> ooh, I think the Matrix bridging is working now
12:12:58 <legoktm> o/

And if you look at the view.matrix.org logs, those messages are there too.

So if you're interested in or working on Wikimedia-related things that are in Rust, please join us, in either IRC or Matrix or both :)