Wiki burnout


Yeah, I burned out from wiki things. I flew too close to the sun, tried to take on too many projects and cool ideas and then crashed and let people down. I'm sorry.

I participate in wiki communities because, aside from believing in free knowledge, etc., it's really fun. And then it stopped being fun, so I just...stopped. In some aspects it was nice, I spent my time doing a lot of other IRL things (I bought a bike), but I also missed doing wiki things.

And so I'm slowly starting to get back into things. I'll try to get back to everyone...eventually. I'm not really sure what's next in my queue. I'm trying to not jump back into what I was doing previously because that doesn't really solve the burnout problem but also I owe people some work.

I'll be at the "All-Day Hacking Sunday" this weekend in New York City, it should be fun and hope to hang out with people there.