Support my work, please


I am privileged to work for a non-profit organization, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which allows me to work full-time on free and open-source software, namely SecureDrop. It also pays the bills and lets me spend me free time doing other stuff that's good for humanity, like contributing to wikis, running a Mastodon server and riding bikes.

FPF accomplished a lot of important things this year, but like every other non-profit, we're currently doing our end of the year fundraising drive, hence this blog post.

If you like my work, whether on SecureDrop or just in general, and have the means to do so, I'd appreciate you donating to FPF: (if you live in the US, this donation is tax deductible). Click the checkbox that says "This donation is in tribute of someone", and then say the gift is in honor of me, "Kunal". (You're also welcome to type other stuff, like "legos" or "boba tea".)

Hate my work? That's fine too, just pick the option that says "This gift is in opposition to" and mention my name. You could also type other stuff here, like "the Kragle" or "boba tea haters".

Now that you've read this far, I'll also mention that we have a merch store with FPF and SecureDrop swag, including stickers! If you use the coupon code "FPF2023" you'll get a 15% discount (only on Nov. 27 aka Cyber Monday).