Thank you for supporting my WMF Board candidacy


While we're waiting for the results (September 21st at the earliest), I want to thank everyone who helped with my WMF Board candidacy.

From the people who initially gave me the confidence to run, to the people who helped me get through the Affiliate round, and then the people who ran Get Out The Vote efforts for the community voting period or even just told me that they were supporting me: thank you.

A very special set of people were there every stage of the way, I can't really express in words how much I appreciate each of you. <3

Globally, voter turnout was down: only 5,955 votes this year compared to last year's 6,873. Yet, in each group of users we tracked, turnout was solidly up:

Group 2021 2022 Diff
Stewards 47.37% 63.16% 15.79 points admins 44.26% 67.74% 23.48 points admins 22.35% 26.41% 4.07 points
NYC meetup list 26.92% 33.33% 6.41 points
Signers of NPP letter 29.82% 46.35% 16.52 points
[[Category:Wikipedians who use Discord (software)]] 14.45% 29.24% 14.79 points
[[Category:Wikipedians who use Internet Relay Chat]] 16.94% 31.40% 14.47 points

Pretty incredible. Now it's at least two more weeks of anxious waiting and hopefully some time for actual wiki editing!