PGP key consolidation


Note: A signed version of this announcement can be found at

I am consolidating my PGP keys to simplify key management. Previously I had a separate key for my email, I am revoking that key and have added that email as an identity to my main key.

I have revoked the key 6E33A1A67F4E2DF046736A0E766632234B56D2EC (legoktm at wikimedia dot org). I have pushed the revocation to the SKS Keyservers and additionally published it at

My main key, FA1E9F9A41E7F43502CA5D6352FC8E7BEDB7FCA2, now has a legoktm at wikimedia dot org identity. An updated version can be fetched from, the SKS Keyservers, or It should also be included in the next Debian keyring update. I took this opportunity to extend the expiry for another two years to 2022-12-14.