Day 11: Rain rain, go away


Part of a series on my journalism faculty-led program through Italy and Greece.

But like really. It's not actually supposed have a high chance of raining in Athens...and yet it rained.

We had a tourist day planned, visiting the islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.

Hydra was nice, it was lightly raining, but we went into the ocean to swim. The beach was basically non-existent, but it dropped off pretty quickly, so you could swim right away. After drying myself off, we started heading back to the boat while Zeus decided it was time to start pouring...soaking wet yet again. Oh well!

The sun came out for Poros, it was magnificent. But we only had enough time to go up to the clock tower, look around, and come back down before it was time to go.

We headed to Aegina with the storm behind us, had a beautiful time on the boat, and then got off at the island to go swimming. The beach was nice, except it was super duper shallow so you had to walk out 20 feet to be able to swim. Oh, and that storm behind us? It caught up and decided to drench us. Why Zeus, why???

And then in the evening, I got to have dinner and walk/drive around the city with Faidon, which was a a real treat :-)