Day 7: A short break


Part of a series on my journalism faculty-led program through Italy and Greece.

Today closes the first week of our trip, and all I want now is a break. I don't really feel physically tired, mostly just emotionally drained. I'm also running out of Skittles.

We spent most of today just working on existing source material that we had. I finished up a text story, a photo essay, and planned out our natural sound video. I also finally had some time to do my laundry, right as my supply of clean clothes began to run out :)

I had lunch at a nice wine bar that I found on the street. The food prices were pretty cheap, but I assume they expected everyone to buy wine along with their meal (I didn't!). Dinner on the other hand was a disaster, and probably the worst meal I've had in Italy :-(

In the evening there was a celebration of World Refugee Day, with musical, dancing, and acting performances from some of the refugees and migrants. We watched as three of them read out some important parts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - it was incredibly moving. I also think it's a testament to Mr. Edwards, who taught me the UDHR so well that I instantly recognized it in Italian.

Looking forward, we have another day in Italy before we head to Greece. It's supposed to mostly be a tourism day, which I hope allows me to collect my thoughts before we jump right back into the fray.

I think the biggest frustration I have right now is that journalists are supposed to stay impartial (rightfully so), while I want to do things, and make change happen.

New segment: things people needed today that I was unprepared for, and didn't have in my backpack: fork/silverware, and napkins.