Day 5: Exhaustion (only a bit)


Part of a series on my journalism faculty-led program through Italy and Greece.

It's day 5, I did not expect to be this tired, so quickly. I think I'm missing the siesta time that I'm supposed to get in Italy. But, I'm also having a blast, and at least trying to take every opportunity to explore / learn things. It feels waaaay longer than 5 days.

Today we started out heading to the university, saw some awesome street art (I'm going to be doing a "photo essay" on what we've seen so far) on the way there, and then double backed to get a few photos.

We walked a bit around the port and docks area, picking up b-roll and talking to some people. We went up to the tents where migrants are brought to after getting off the boat that brings them in. To be honest, it was pretty underwhelming.

We had lunch at a nice panini place, drank some Fanta, and then headed back to the hotel to start putting together our assignments. I think our group has started to get into rhythm - I do the writing parts, another person does images, and the last does the photos (generally, it's more nuanced than that in reality), and then we all edit each other's stuff. So far it seems to be working.

There's a bigger meta question starting to loom over my head now: if this is what real reporting work is like, do I want to do this as a career? To which my answer is still the same so far: "Maybe." I think I need more time to make a decision.