- Day 2


Day 2! I hopped around quite a bit, so I'll just talk about the talks I particuarly enjoyed. First was a talk about site reliability at Pinterest. The main things I thought that were interesting was how they have also created their own deployment tool, and that they've made it easy for the deployer to rollback their code ranges. After that was a fun talk by Dan about his experiences with FOIA requests in New Zealand.

After lunch was another site reliability talk by Dropbox, which discussed a lot about how they made their pages much smarter, so people only got paged if they actually needed to be paged.

I finished up the afternoon with two functional programming talks, the first talking about how Swift can be used to do functional programming, and the second was about how Facebook uses Haskell in production, and dispelling some of the common myths that surround Haskell. I would definitely recommend watching the recording of the latter.

There was a keysigning party in the evening, as well as the professional delegates networking session, which was a great place to meet new people.

Onto day 3!