2016 Wikimedia Developer Summit recap


A lot happened at the Wikimedia Developer Summit over the past week, I had a fantastic time and enjoyed getting to meet up with everyone again. Here's a quick recap:

  • Learned about the status of the Differential migration, I feel more reassured about the workflow now, just not sure about when it's going to happen.
  • Attended a very productive meeting with the MediaWiki Stakeholder's group, Mark (hexmode) has written up a good summary of the meeting. I'm optimistic about the future.
  • Held an impromptu session about shadow namespaces, which left me with lots of questions to answer. I haven't had a chance to summarize the notes yet, will do so later this week.
  • Had an exciting main room discussion about supporting non-Wikimedia installs of MediaWiki and our other software, which continued out into the hallways. I think we need to continue with more research and talking with hosting providers about how MediaWiki is actually used. For a while now I've been concerned with whether we're able to get our users to actually upgrade. WikiApiary says that 1.16.x is nearly as widely used as 1.25.x (the current legacy release).
  • Had an early morning session about beta rollouts, usage of BetaFeatures, and communication channels.
  • Attended the "software engineering" session about dependency injection and then SOA. I mainly just listened in this one.
  • Went to a session by community liasons about interacting with communities and stuff. Also mainly just listened.
  • Finally, had a really productive session led by bawolff about code review, and how we can improve the situation.

I hacked on quite a few different projects, more on that later :)

And, new laptop stickers ^.^