GSoC 2015


This year for Google Summer of Code, I co-mentored with YuviPanda a project to build a cross-wiki watchlist that uses OAuth and runs on Tool Labs. Sitic did a fantastic job on the project, and the final result, crosswatch, is amazing.

I use it quite frequently, and aside from the cross-wiki integration, I think the killer feature is the inline diffs that you can see by clicking on an entry. I used to use Popups to kind of do that, but being able to see the diff just as MediaWiki would have shown it is really nice.

Aside from it being immensly useful, I think crosswatch is going to set the stage for future improvements to the watchlist and related features. I'm already independently implementing two of its many features in MediaWiki: ORES integration and cross-wiki notifications. I don't think it will be long until other feature requests from crosswatch are filed and implemented.

Also, new laptop sticker ^.^